Crunch Time: Love it or need it.

In less than a week I start on a whole new journey. I move out of my home for the last three years, the city I have lived in (mostly) since 2002 and say goodbye to a life time of clothing, furniture, household goods, art, mementos, letters and erm … stuff … carefully but often enough carelessly amassed over the last 25 years.

There is a certain Facebook group that has helped to bring me to a place of not only acceptance but willing excitement about letting it all go. Let me know if you’d like to be introduced to my 9,000 new friends, aunties and friendly neighbours via the maddest, sweetest and strangely intimate and touching Facebook group ever. I am extremely grateful for discovering that group via this most sensible and life changing blog. Finally, I finally clicked on the link to this story as each time I’d seen it before I thought she was explaining why she had gotten rid of her wardrobe and just wore yoga pants! Turns out the opposite is true … her wardrobe is perfect now.  I wish I’d taken some photos of my packed to the brim double wardrobes and piles of shoes and jewels pre-cut and burn.  I have sliced at least a third out, and sorted the summer/post baby clothes that I love and need into storage. My beloved jewellery was been reduced to the most loved, treasured and valuable pieces.  I’m going to keep going. I thought I was sussed with the pregnancy clothes by simply buying size 14s from Glassons, until I read this and decided to give that cheap and cheerful chain a wide berth. Not my actual wide berth – that I will still need to clothe, but friends have been so wonderfully generous in lending me great pieces that I am finding I’m able to stick with my year of no new clothes, shoes and accessories without too much slipping.  There have been some temptations for sure! But having a rule makes it so much easier to keep to my standard and ultimately, that is good.

I have sold a fair bit, and loved seeing both sold and items simply given away going to the homes of people I know … somehow appreciative homes always seem a bit easier than chucking it in the bin – but that has been happening too!IMG_2687 IMG_2686 IMG_2688

A recent early furniture movers/open home fiasco resulted in my bedroom looking like a tip … seeing it all like that and realising that I’d probably be happier if it all simple went away has been quite motivating – okay, deflating at the same time.  Thank God for good friends and my mum who have come over and encouraged and helped.

As I work through the stuff I simply ask myself “Do I love this? Do I need this?” If the answer is not “yes” to one of those questions then out it goes.  I have let go of inherited stuff, old stuff, new stuff, things I thought I should keep around “just in case” and one of the hardest – stuff that is worth money or cost me money and therefore is kept because “it’s a waste to chuck it out”. No – it’s a waste to have that stuff dragging me down and restricting my movement and freedom.  Let it go. Cue singing – I know you already are.


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