And baby makes three …

Yep.  And as for that other caveat – the “if I become pregnant” one? Well guess what … 14 weeks and counting so as expected, expecting presents a few challenges and of course, exceptions to the No Shoes, Clothes and Accessories For A Year vow.  But having done the best part of three months where the only two purchases have been a second wedding dress for the celebration party and a floral  head band for the actual wedding ceremony … I’ve gone off acquiring clothes anyway. Really. And then there is the recent development of having to spend the next seven months living out of a suitcase at other people’s houses (yes – that does include the period in which I am expecting TO GIVE BIRTH to this child), due to taking a short term contract in another city (thus giving up the current rental house) and my husband working in Australia but me wanting to deliver in New Zealand.

Should be interesting.  So not only am I paring down to essentials, they are winter essentials that I can wear as my bump expands.  And I’m really not interested in spending money on storage so some major purging is in store for what is left (which bodes extremely well for my girlfriends!). And when I say essentials for winter that can accommodate my bump … erm, I’m not entirely sure I own a lot of those so inevitably, there’s going to be some shopping.  So far so good – a stretchy black tube skirt that should last the duration and I’m not going to get away with my current bras for much longer … seriously! What the heck happens to your boobs?! Friends have kindly given or loaned me some stuff, oh hello pregnancy skinny jeans.  Can someone tell me why we don’t wear these all the time? They were EXCELLENT over easter and all its associated gluttony, pretty much accommodating my chocolate/focaccia/pizza/steak dinner/hot cross buns bump. If not my actual baby bump.  My husband thinks it is a biscuit bump.  Scans do confirm there is a child in there too thank God.

I bought some sunglasses. They were $5 from the dollar store. Mine broke and were glued back together and … and … well I’m sorry, but they just looked stupid! I live in New Zealand – we have glare. Mini fold. But I’m okay with it.

What is interesting about the way that live works is that due to current yet unforeseen circumstances there has not been a better time in my life to be NOT acquiring more stuff, indeed, to be stripping back instead.

I can’t believe I’m moving to windy and cold Wellington for the winter and won’t be able to wear my beautiful vintage Burberry tweed coat. Oh well, the bump will keep me warm right? Right?FullSizeRender[1]


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