Um well remember how I had a bit of an exception to the no clothes, shoes or accessories rule … namely if I got married? Well guess what? We made the decision on a Monday, confirmed it on Tuesday and eloped and wed on Saturday 14th February 2015.  Four days later.  The no stress, no debt wedding!  It wasn’t completely impulsive, we had spoken about eloping since December last year and the right opportunity just came up and we took it.

But what does the woman who’s been pinning wedding dresses for three years straight wear to her own wedding when she’s “allowed” to buy something? Turns out I borrowed a dress from a dear dear friend and it was glorious.  I allowed myself to hit the mall in search of some thing to decorate my head and was surprised at how off putting I found the whole experience.  I had “permission” to spend and I could barely bring myself to.  After 6 weeks of shopping detox the pointlessness of it all was a bit overwhelming to be honest. So so far so good.

My friend is so very tall and I’m so very not so I had to wear towering platform high heels as to not drown in the dress, not the gold glitter ones I had squirrelled away for my wedding day (yes much like Dorothy’s but gold).  So I wore blue suede shoes and funny, so did the bf as that’s what he had in his wardrobe. He only proposed 20 hours before the wedding so in my mind, he was never my fiancé, he went straight from bf to husband. Rock and roll.

I’m focusing on decluttering too.  If you could see my room now … it is not fit to share with a husband – it looks like one thousand girlfriends came over to raid my wardrobe, makeup and the rest of my life and left everything out all over. Luckily he’s in Brisbane for work so I have a week or so to get it sorted.  I’m pulling all sorts out of the cupboard and re-wearing it, but at the same time, getting rid of stuff that HAS TO GO.  There is a strange duality to both not buying more and wanting to get rid of the stuff that is unnecessary and dragging me down emotionally and physically – I don’t have room for all this extra stuff.  It’s remarkably easy not buying any more clothes, shoes and accessories.  Who knew.


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