I have two nautical themed events coming up.  I want one of those silly captain’s hats. It’s fancy dress technically so I guess I could let myself off … but I had an extended conversation with an acquaintance yesterday on the nature of alcohol and narcotic additions. No, I don’t think I’m addicted to buying clothes, shoes and accessories … but … the bargaining and excuse making, dreaming up exceptions … the process for addicts sounds so similar to the process of excuses and justifications I’m trying to come up with so I can go buy the stupid $10 hat from Look Sharp.  Which was almost certainly made in a sweat shop … out of caustic materials.

So no, I’m not going to buy it dammit! But I might hire one from a costume shop (will probably cost more, sigh).  But I’m not contributing to the death of the planet with another anti-environmental tiny cut. And it will be one less thing gagging my wardrobe space …

I have a baby blue and white striped maxi dress.  It feels nautical.  I’m wearing that.  There, first event “passed” – in theory.  I’ll post a photo of the outfit I guess.

I might buy some sailor type temporary tattoos. No they do NOT count as accessories – shush.

Apart form that – so far so good, I hauled out the summer clothes that still hadn’t been incorporated into the wardrobe, I must own 30 dresses.  It occurs to me that I must be doing something right that I can wear dresses that I’ve owned for years, in that at least the quality and style have endured. I have a wedding mid February but am pulling out a beautiful dress that I bought on the Kings Road in London in the late 90s. It was FAR FAR too big for me then but it was 20 pounds and the fabric is was exquisite I couldn’t let it go.  Now if only I bought those old Gucci and Louis Vuitton clutches sitting in a basket at Steinberg & Tolkien for 10 pounds each …


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